Promoting Braille Literacy through Social Change

The Legends Project is a non-profit, uniquely created, to address the challenges of those in our community experiencing vision loss. Our focus is primarily centered around men, women, veterans, and baby boomers who are experiencing vision loss at an alarming rate. Experts predict that by 2030, rates of vision loss, within this population, will double and by 2040 the numbers will quadruple.

Be a part of the solution

People like you can be a part of the solution through your generous contributions…It’s the right thing to do now. We cannot solve all the issues vision loss creates but we are diligently striving to develop solutions for the ones we can…Please Help us in, Promoting Braille Literacy through Social Change”

How are we changing lives


We at The Legends Project are being proactive, by developing workshops to introduce and teach Braille. To provide any individuals with a new skill and help them gain a renewed sense of independence, security, and hope.


We are also on task to work with over 300 libraries within the state of Missouri and to make available  books from local authors transcribed into Braille.

No author is charged for their book to be transcribed into Braille. These books are created from the gifts of generous people, businesses and organizations who care enough to become involved in promoting Braille literacy and seeing that libraries have accessible reading material for everyone, particularly blind and visually impaired individuals.

Our Board Members

Debra Whitt

Mary Yearwood

Dr. Christopher Craig

Shelby Butler

Frank Taylor

Deanna Armstrong

Mary Weber

Emily Weber

Janice Grisham

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